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schwalbe – RACING RALPH


Technical specifications:

  • Tire type: folding tire
  • intended use : Cross Country, Marathon, All Mountain and Trail
  • Compatibility e-bike: no
  • Profile: HS490
  • Air pressure: 1.8 to 3.7 bar (26-54 PSI)
  • Recommended rim width: 19 – 29 mm
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Super Ground tire weight:  670g (29″ x 2.25″)
  • Performance tire weight : 735g
  • Super Race tire weight: 640g

schwalbe – RACING RALPH 29″ TLE


Developed especially for the rear wheel, the schwalbe – RACING RALPH impresses with many grip edges in the middle area for great traction and excellent acceleration. Thanks to its fast and versatile XC profile, it also has excellent rolling properties. Laterally arranged tread blocks that protrude far into the running surface offer the best possible cornering grip. Specially designed spaces also increase traction on roots and rocky ground and strengthen the self-cleaning properties of the tire. Thanks to the ADDIX compound, the overall concept of this race tire is rounded off as best as possible. In addition, the new tire has a bead-to-bead fabric for improved protection against cuts.



The Evolution tires are the top models in the Schwalbe . Extremely fast, very light with good mileage make these tires the first choice for all ambitious athletes! Schwalbe only uses the best available materials for its top products in order to meet all the requirements placed on a tire!



The new compound for the tires of the Performance Line, more grip, more speed, more mileage.
Schwalbe succeeded in doing this with a new mixing process in which the components for the manufacture of the rubber compound can be added more precisely.


ADDIX Speed, red identification:

The new compound for the XC Race specialists rolls quickly and has a significantly longer service life.


TLE – Tubeless Easy

A new monofilament side fabric brings three advantages over the previous standard:
Even better cut resistance, increased puncture resistance and, above all, it enables extremely easy tubeless conversion. The use of sealing fluid is required, but assembly is otherwise just as easy as with real tubeless tires. Long conversion processes with intensive shaking and frequent pumping are no longer possible with Tubeless Easy.


Additional information

MTB Tire Size

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Performance, Super Ground, Super Race


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