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Schwalbe – Jumbo Jim – Tubeless Fat Bike Tire


Technical specifications:

Tire type: folding tires
intended use : Fat bike
Size (inches): 26 x 4.80
Design: Evolution Line, SnakeSkin, Super Ground
Rubber compound: ADDIX SpeedGrip
Carcass: 127EPI
E-bike compatibility: yes, for e-bikes up to 25 km/h
recommended air pressure: up to 2.0 bar (30 PSI)
Recommended inner rim width: 80 mm to 100 mm
Color: BlackWeight weighed: 1336g

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A lot helps a lot. This is especially true if you still want to cycle in deep snow or loose sand. The only thing that helps here is a large volume combined with extremely low air pressure.
With the Jumbo Jim, Schwalbe presents an extremely light fat bike tire. With the universal ADDIX SpeedGrip Compound, grip, durability and damping properties are raised to an extremely high level. The open and wide profile on the side wall is extremely traction-oriented and offers excellent stability in the curves.

ADDIX SPEEDGRIP, blue identifier
The universal compound. It has the absolute widest betting range. Ideal for XC, AM and Trail! Even with intensive use: More mileage and longer service life.

Great ground
The proven SnakeSkin construction has been further improved – a light and flexible fabric layer makes the tire cut-safe, both on the tire sidewalls and under the tread. Low weight with good puncture protection. Wide intended use of uses – from cross-country to all mountain.

TLE – Tubeless Easy
A new monofilament side fabric brings three advantages compared to the previous standard:
Even better cut resistance, increased puncture resistance and, above all, it enables an extremely easy tubeless conversion. Sealing fluid is required, but installation is otherwise just as easy as with real tubeless tires. Long conversion processes with intensive shaking and frequent pumping are no longer a problem with Tubeless Easy.

The SnakeSkin side fabric guarantees additional cut-resistant side walls and thus increases puncture resistance.

The Evolution tires are the top models in the Schwalbe range. Extremely fast, very light with good mileage make these tires the first choice for all ambitious athletes! Schwalbe makes its top products only with the best materials available to meet all the requirements placed on a tire!

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26 x 4.80


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